What Happens On Monday?

This past weekend we got a chance to celebrate the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter had so much more meaning for me this year because I had a chance to experience God in such a real way after the fall in my walk at the end of last year. On Good Friday, I […]

Behind Closed Doors

A lot of us have found ourselves stuck in our homes for much longer than we may desire because of COVID 19. It amazes me how the entire world shut down due to the strength of a virus. This is a gentle reminder to me that many are the plans of a man but it […]

Time is Ticking…

Eternity has been on my heart a lot lately. I was going to wait till next month to start my blog posts back up but this topic has been heavy on my heart. I decided to share this post before I officially come back from my longer than expected break from blogging. “Teach us how […]


August has been a transition month for me in more ways than one. Before I get into this week’s blog post, I just want to take a few moment to be transparent with you guys for a second. I remember when I wrote the blog post about my graduation ceremony back in May and in […]


I cannot believe that August is here family. This year has gone by so fast and honestly God has been teaching me a lot this year and that process has been anything but easy. This past few months has tested the foundation of my Christian walk and I discovered that my foundations were anything but […]

Step By Step

Growth is such a funny thing because it takes place rather unknowingly. Recently, a few of my siblings in Christ have been telling me how much I have grown spiritually. At first, I choose to ignore everyone who told me this because the truth is that I am still a mess. I could write a […]

Thriving TwentyOne to Golden TwentyTwo

June is my favorite month ever family! There are a couple reasons why I love the month of June and one of those reasons is simply because it represents the halfway point of the year. June gives me a chance to evaluate the things I have done throughout the year so far and to make […]

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4 Things

2019 seems to be flying. This year has been a year of such growth. Growth always seems like a cute Christian word. I am here to tell you that growth is filled with so much discomfort. The Lord has been stretching me in ways that I did not even think I could be stretched. 2019 has been […]


Hey family!  I hope that you all are doing well! I simply want to say thank you for your consistency to reading my posts. I have a couple big things coming up in my life so stay connected to my social media platforms to find out more. This week blog post is dedicated to church […]

Boo’ed Up

As I shared with you guys in my last post, this month’s post is dedicated to tackling topics that were asked by my Instagram followers. The question that I will be exploring in this particular post is one that says “Can you be a Christian and still enjoy premarital sex?”  While I attempt to tackle this […]


For the month of March, I decided to allow my Instagram followers to decide what topics I will be discussing on this platform. I received numerous responses and I plan to pick four of those responses as a topic for my next four blog posts. I plan to be as informal as possible  and just […]

Just Do It!

Sometimes I wish that God could force me to do His will. The fact that He gave me free will have brought me a lot of harm because every time I try to do things outside of His will, I run into trouble. Although I know that God’s will is best for my life, it […]