Thriving TwentyOne to Golden TwentyTwo

June is my favorite month ever family! There are a couple reasons why I love the month of June and one of those reasons is simply because it represents the halfway point of the year. June gives me a chance to evaluate the things I have done throughout the year so far and to make necessary adjustments. I also love the month of June because it is the month I made my grand entrance into the world! On June 14th 2019, I would have made 22 trips around the sun. Ahhhhh God is super faithful.

This blog post will be super casual because I simply wanted to share the reasons behind the adjectives I use to describe my year and my expectations for the new year. The adjectives I use to describe my year came to me because I once saw someone I looked up to use adjectives to describe her year as well. However, a couple years ago the Lord casually told me to ask Him what was on His heart for my new year of life and that is when I started taking the whole thing seriously. Some people simply thought that I created a word for my year because I am extra however this Word has proven to be a prophetic statement into my new year.

Let me speak a little about how Thriving Twenty One became a thing. Last year was one of the hardest years of my life. I probably would not get through this session without shedding a tear but to be real with you guys, last year was a year of such pruning. In the beginning of that year, I hit rock bottom in my Christian walk. I could not found a way to get up and I figured that I would just lay down and die. I literally lost everything I thought I had to find comfort in and I was left broken. I remember backsliding in my faith and not knowing how or when I got to that point in my life. The truth was that I was not excited to turn 21 years old because at this point I was just ready for God to be done with me. However, that summer the Lord still came to me and strengthened my feeble knees so that I could stand again. That season of my life, the Lord took me back to the basics of my faith so that I could understand who He was. I learned how to crawl, walk, run all over again. In May of 2019, the Lord gave me the Word “Thrive” for my new year. The only explanation He gave for that Word was that He wanted me to become everything He already had in mind this year.

The Lord simply wanted me to align my thoughts with His thoughts and to give up my ways for His ways. To thrive was to simply grow into the woman God called me to be and to be that woman unapologetically. To become all God had called me to, I had to give up a lot of things and to seek God more than ever before. This year, I can truly say that I thrived. Praise God because I was able to achieve a lot this year but I thrived because I grew into a woman after God’s heart. This trip around the sun, I was able to achieve great victories, I was able to walk in my calling more boldly and to love the Lord a lot more.

But this year, I am prophetically declaring it to be my Golden TwentyTwo. When God gave me the word Golden, He allowed me to see that this year will be a lot where He will be processing a lot of things in my life so that I can shine forth like gold. This year will be a year where God shows off His glory in my life. I am super excited for this trip around the sun and I cannot wait to see everything God does.