What’s The Point?

I started working about two weeks ago and I realized that this journey into adulthood is extremely demanding. It is not necessarily stressful but it demands a total change in lifestyle and a change in my mental state. My first week of work was interesting. While I do like my job, I found myself asking the question “What’s The Point” a lot that week. I would come home at about 6pm after I finally escaped from the burden of rush hour traffic and I would find something to eat for dinner, spend some time on the phone with my friends/family and would prepare myself to go to bed so that I can wake up at 6am to spend time with God before heading out again. For some reason, I could not shake the feeling that there has to be more to life than going to college, working a 8/9 hours work shift, getting married, having children then dying. That sounds like a purposeless life and quite frankly, it is a life I will love to escape the first chance I get.

Although this is a question I am still struggling with, I refuse to believe that God just brought me into this earth to work, reproduce and die. I decided to ask a couple adults who were about 50 years or older a simple question. I asked them if they believed they were fulfilling purpose and to my surprise, a lot of people told me NO. The realization that there are several people who have lived half of their years on earth already and they still do not know why they are on earth brought such sadness to my heart. I have heard it quite often that your 20’s are your building years and since I am only 22, people often tell me to give myself time because in a couple years, I will have my life together. They made me believe that once my 20’s were over, I will be living a life of purpose that impacts nations, shakes up the kingdom of darkness, brings glory to God and also brings profit. The sad reality is that a lot of people do not ever get to that point in their lives and I simply do not want to be one of the statistics.

I know I always try to encourage others through this platform but this is one of those times where I will be vulnerable enough to say that I need encouragement myself. I am still walking through this journey to figure out the answer to this question. However, as an encouragement to others and myself I will say that there is purpose wherever God has placed you but it is up to us to go back to God to discover the specifics of that purpose. I totally believe that the longing I have for more means that there is more to life to be discovered. It does not make sense that there are people in the world who are dying and going to hell and I am simply worried about how to make money. One of my main prayers in life is to never get comfortable in mediocrity and forget that God has called me to something greater.

To anyone who may be struggling with finding their assignment/ purpose in a particular season of life, I feel you! But more than my sympathy, I want to encourage you that there is more. The reason you are thirsty for more is because God has placed a longing in your heart that there is more to be found in Him. Press into God more and just allow Him to reveal Himself more to you in this season. Also pray for me because I am struggling with this question and It has brought me to such a low state on numerous occasions.