Do you trust me?

I remember when God asked me this question a while ago. At that time, I told God no because I truly did not know how to trust God. Not having a close relationship with my earthly father made it challenging to trust God as a heavenly father. Although I knew what the Word of God said, I did not always trust that His promises were for me. I have had people disappoint me after they gave me promises so I figured that God was the same way.  In the Christian community we are taught that we have to trust God but quite honestly, sometimes it becomes difficult to trust Him. The question I will be answering in today’s blog post is the question of “How to trust God’s plan.” This question is so relevant because a lot of times as Christians, we are unable to trust God’s plan and we take issues into our own hands.

Before we can begin to trust God’s plan, we have to first know the person of God. We often find it difficult to trust God because we cannot possibly trust someone we do not know. It is not enough to know the church but we have to know the character of Christ. God is never changing so we trust His plan because we know that it is not in His nature to harm us or lie to us. When we know the person of God then we can begin the process of learning how to trust God. We learn how to trust God’s plan by putting our faith to action. We are able to trust God with bigger things when we learn how to trust Him with little things. I am currently learning how to trust God by consistently putting myself in situations that requires me to fully submit myself to Him. I started learning to trust God by trusting Him for little things such as a parking spot, free lunch, healing for my body and the list continues. I am now able to trust Him with bigger things because He has proved to be faithful in the little things.

Another way to learn how to trust God is to know that we are loved. The love of God can be trusted. Because God loves us, we know that everything He does will work out for our good. It is easier to trust His plan when we know that His plans for us are always good for us even when they are not good to us. Stand firm in the love of God! Keep in mind that everything is easy for God to do.  We also learn to trust God by knowing that His word does not change. Psalm 89:34 says “No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back a single word I said.” The word of God is the person of God (John 1:1) so we know that God’s word will never change. God will do everything He has promised.  Get yourself familiarized with the Word of God so that you can remind yourself of the Word when doubt starts to creep into your life.

We should also remember that our life belongs to God. We already trusted God with the greatest part of our life by asking Him to be our Lord and Savior at salvation so we should trust Him with the smaller things. I am currently in a place where I have to trust God and I simply have to realize that I cannot do much by my own strength so trusting God is not an option. I am such a planner who likes to control everything. God is slowly teaching me how to let go of the wheel and allow Him to drive the vehicle of my life. I am learning to accept the fact that even if the worst happens, God will still be God therefore He will always make things work out for my good. If you are having trouble with trusting God’s plan, I simply want to encourage you to rest in God. Rest in His love and rest in the fact that your steps are already ordered by Him. If you are having troubles with trusting God’s plan, simply talk to Him in prayers and let Him know that you find it hard to trust Him. However let Him know that you are willing to learn how to fully trust Him Tell Him about your worries and allow Him to fill your mind with His peace.