What Happens On Monday?

This past weekend we got a chance to celebrate the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter had so much more meaning for me this year because I had a chance to experience God in such a real way after the fall in my walk at the end of last year. On Good Friday, I was filled with such gratitude knowing that Jesus chose to die on the cross for my sake. I had a chance to worship my savior and to reflect upon the sacrifice Christ made on my behalf. On Saturday, I was reminded that dead situations never last forever. Saturday proved to me that though a promise delays it will still be fulfilled. Sunday finally came and it was amazing because I got to celebrate the fact that Jesus rose! Jesus rose so that I can rise and continue to rise every time I fall. Sunday brought an awareness that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me and it gave meaning to my Christian life. Sunday was such a day of joy and I got the chance to attend about 5 virtual services due to being quarantined. However, I woke up this morning with a weird feeling. The excitement I had yesterday about resurrection Sunday was no where to be found and I asked God one simple question which was “What Happens On Monday?”

Monday is not commonly spoken about for some weird reason. It baffled me because I know that the world did not come to a sudden halt after Jesus rose from the dead. The fact is that life continued on Monday but do we simply go back to our normal activities as if the biggest event in our life did not just take place on Sunday? I decided to dig deeper into the Word of God to find out what could possibly have taken place on Monday. I will recommend that you take some time to read Matthew 28 at some point and I pray that the Holy Spirit ministers to you.

“You are to say that His disciples came during the night and stole His body while you were asleep.” -Matthew 28:13 “The guards took the money and did what they were told to do. And so this is the report spread around by the Jews to this very day.” -Matthew 28:15.

Monday must have been a very strange day because on one side we have people who have seen the risen savior but on another end there is a report that is being spread which is meant to deny the existence of a resurrection. The disciples may have been convinced about the fact that Jesus indeed rose but the truth is that they were outnumbered because most people believed that His body was stolen. However before Jesus ascended back to heaven, He gave the disciples the great commission to go to all people and make more disciples. On Monday, the disciples had the task to showcase a risen savior that most people did not believe existed. In the same way as disciples of Jesus, we have the responsibility to show the world a risen king and to live our lives in such a way that gives Him glory. Monday is a day where we proclaim the truth we have personally experienced even in the midst of other conspiracies.

The Lord was also teaching me that Monday was a day of remembrance. On the surface, Saturday and Sunday may seem similar. The truth is that on both Saturday and Monday, Jesus was no longer physically present on earth. It is important that the joy we experienced on Sunday is more than a temporary feeling. Monday is a day for us to remember that although things may still look the same, a lot has in fact changed. It is a day where we have to see life through the lenses of faith that although Christ may not be physically present, He is still with us. It is a day for us to remember that we now have a helper who is always with us. It is a day for us to remember the duty that was commissioned into our hands. It is a day for us to remember that we now have an unending supply of power that is on the inside of us.

Finally, Monday is a day where we make a decision to walk in boldness and forsake fear. The truth is that the disciples were still hated by the world but their love for their risen savior was much more than their need to be accepted. They loved Christ more than they loved their lives. Monday is a day of decision. It is a day where we decide who and what we want to follow. We could chose our comfort and continue our mundane lives or we can chose to stand up and proclaim the gospel. Monday is a day of separation. The disciples had to be separated from their family and loved ones in order to fulfill the great commission. In the same way, there will be things we will have to separate from so that we can answer to the call of God on our lives. Monday is much more than one single day of resurrection, It is a day we get to re-live till Jesus comes. This Monday I choose to occupy till He comes and die to myself so He can live through me. How are you spending your Monday?