Step By Step

Growth is such a funny thing because it takes place rather unknowingly. Recently, a few of my siblings in Christ have been telling me how much I have grown spiritually. At first, I choose to ignore everyone who told me this because the truth is that I am still a mess. I could write a whole book about what I still need to change about myself and for this reason I did not believe my level of growth was worth celebrating. I am that individual that wants to attain perfection in my Christian walk so I do not acknowledge how far I have come because I am not where I need to be yet.

Something God has been showing me lately is the fact that small progress is still good progress. God is not focused on perfection but He is focused on our progress. A lot of times we never notice our spiritual growth and this may lead us to believing that we will never be enough for God. It will be amazing if I could live in a world where I never have to struggle with sin, where I am never tempted to do evil, where I never have a need to doubt God but the truth is that this is not the reality. I am not perfect by anyone’s standards but I am growing. I simply want to use this platform to let you know that your struggles does not disqualify your growth. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate he Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. “ The truth about transformation is that it is a step by step process that does not happen overnight. Transformation is a daily process and the change is not visible immediately.

I decided to write this blog because God has been teaching me how to celebrate my little victories because they strengthen my faith for what God plans to do next. I also decided on this topic because I noticed that a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ tend to focus on their shortcomings rather than their progress. A lot of times this takes place when we compare our Christian walk to another believer’s walk. I simply want to encourage you with the fact that God has not called you to be like other Christians but He has called you to be like Christ. The journey to being like Christ is a step by step process. Growth is sometimes a slow process but with God, He simply requires that you walk with Him step by step. Be patient with yourself in this walk and realize that He who started a good work is beyond faithful to complete it.