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I cannot believe that August is here family. This year has gone by so fast and honestly God has been teaching me a lot this year and that process has been anything but easy. This past few months has tested the foundation of my Christian walk and I discovered that my foundations were anything but […]

Step By Step

Growth is such a funny thing because it takes place rather unknowingly. Recently, a few of my siblings in Christ have been telling me how much I have grown spiritually. At first, I choose to ignore everyone who told me this because the truth is that I am still a mess. I could write a […]

The Power Of Nurturing

My sister in Christ gave me a prophetic word several months ago and she allowed me to know that God was bringing me into a season of nurturing. I remember staring at her in confusion because I did not know what she was talking about but because I trusted her prophetic voice, I allowed it […]


For the month of March, I decided to allow my Instagram followers to decide what topics I will be discussing on this platform. I received numerous responses and I plan to pick four of those responses as a topic for my next four blog posts. I plan to be as informal as possible  and just […]