Behind Closed Doors

A lot of us have found ourselves stuck in our homes for much longer than we may desire because of COVID 19. It amazes me how the entire world shut down due to the strength of a virus. This is a gentle reminder to me that many are the plans of a man but it is indeed the Lord’s purpose that will prevail (Proverbs 19:21). It shows me that I am not in control of my life and everything that takes place is simply because God allowed it to happen. This pandemic has also showed me how God reveals, refines and redirects us behind closed doors.

One of the things that have been taking place during this times is that God has been revealing the state of my heart to me. The distraction of the world has a way of hiding some of the true issues we may have in our lives. This season of my life has shown me that I do not trust God like I profess. It has shown me how dependent I am on social media and other people. It has shown me how I still struggle with isolation,abandonment and rejection. Most importantly, It has shown me how much I need to know the person of Jesus. I have realized that people often come face to face with themselves behind closed doors and closed doors are also an opportunity to come face to face with God to allow Him to reveal the true state of our hearts.

The Lord also refines us behind closed doors. Closed doors are an invitation to fellowship with the Father so that He may pour into us. This time has allowed me to dig deeper into the Word of God so that I may be refined. Shutting out the noise of the Word has allowed me to hear the voice of the Father a lot clearer. This time has also allowed the Lord to break habits in my life that I have ignored. The Lord desires to encounter His people behind closed doors and that is exactly what Has been taking place in my life.

The Lord is also using this season to redirect me both spiritually and naturally. One of the things I have been seeking the Lord about was simply about the next steps in my career and in this season I have received directions. A lot of us have had plans to write a book, become an entrepreneur, release an album etc. and now is the time to allow the Lord to guide us on the next steps. The Lord is looking to break His people from complacency in this season and we have a choice as to if we will allow God to be our GPS. There is a lot the Lord wants to do behind closed doors so do not waste this season of your life on social media and Netflix. Use this time to partner with Jesus so that we can leave this quarantine stronger, wiser and more mature.