August has been a transition month for me in more ways than one. Before I get into this week’s blog post, I just want to take a few moment to be transparent with you guys for a second. I remember when I wrote the blog post about my graduation ceremony back in May and in that post I explained to you guys what my next steps will be in my “adulting” journey. I am here to share with you guys that those plans have changed a lot! On May 6th, I began a job at a marketing firm but it turned out to not be the kind of marketing I expected. This is actually a funny story and if you want me to go more into details about this experience, feel free to contact me privately. Well I decided to stay at this job until I found something better. To my disappointment, something better never actually came and I found myself met with rejection letters for every job application. Disappointment, frustration, depression cannot even describe how I felt. I shared some of that experience on my Instagram page (@Chinonye_agu) but I simply want to share in this post how I got out of that season.

This past season of my life was rough but I am truly grateful that God placed the right COMMUNITY to help me get through that season of my life. For anyone reading this who is a part of my community, I simply want to say THANK YOU! For every time I said I was going to give up on God or I was ready to go to heaven, Thank you for not giving up on me and for your constant encouragements. I am in a much better place in my life now because of my community and after two months of being unemployed, I am starting a new job today so keep me in prayers whenever you read this post. In those two moments of unemployment, I took time to intentionally build my community. From lunch dates to just sitting in the car to talk, I did it all.

“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:25 NLT) This post is not to talk about me but it is actually to encourage us to seek out a community. This is a lesson I had to learn because for a long time, I was proud of the fact that I was always the strong friend who is able to encourage others but does not need any help. Seeking out a community is important because in our moments of weakness, we are able to draw strength from those around us. The fact that my friends were able to speak life into me and pray me through is the reason why I am able to write this blog post today. Our Christian walk is not meant to be lived in solitary confinement but God has placed us in a community where we can rebuke and encourage each other as the need arises.

I find it interesting that when Jesus knew that His time of death was coming, He chose to have Communion with His disciples. (See Luke 22). In that moment, the Lord knew that His departure meant that He needed to strengthen His disciples. In the same way, the Lord has called us to various areas of the world and when you take time to commune with each other we are able to sharpen each other. The Bible makes it clear that Iron sharpens Iron so take time to prayerfully find people who are able to sharpen you in Christ. Having the right community also gives you a covering from various forms of dangers because those around you are able to cover your blind spots.

I simply want to take this moment to encourage you to find a Godly community. Be quick to confess your shortcomings and mistakes to them because only in that are they able to hold you accountable. This Christian journey is not meant to be walked alone so find others walking on the same part and choose to intentionally commune with them. Take time to share in your brother/sister burden and allow your life to be an expression of the love of God to them.