New Season

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth…” -Isaiah 43:19

It’s a New Season!!! Today is the official launch of my website Happy Launch Day Family! I want to start off by saying “Thank you” to everyone who has supported me since I first started my blog post. Like I shared a few weeks ago, this journey has been quite a ride. I have taken on quite a few responsibilities in addition to my responsibility as a graduating senior and a new author. This journey has left me tired on some days and on other days, I am energized. However, I am super excited to take this journey with you all.

As I continue on this journey, it has reminded me a lot of the spring season. Spring is my second favorite season. Since I am a Summer baby, I am convinced summer is the best season yet (Not up for debates lol). However, there is something about the spring that intrigues me. Spring is a season of new things. I love how the flowers bloom again in the spring time. However, something I am learning is that, in order for new things to bloom, it must first be buried. Before any flower can bloom, it must first be planted in a soil. Before a new season comes, there may be some things that will die in your life. Some habits, relationships, ideas may have to die in your life before a new thing can spring forth. This season, I have had to put my flesh to death quite often. I realized that I cannot allow my flesh to be an hindrance to what God is doing in my life. Before a new thing takes place, it is important that we put some old things to death so that the new may spring forth.

Another thing I want to point out about the spring is that before the season fully arrives, we have to set back our clocks one away. I always hated doing this because I lose one hour of sleep. This leads me to another thing I am learning which is that there may be set backs before we spring forward. However, I want us to recognize that for every minor setback, God has a major comeback! Set backs are to be expected but in the end, we will always spring forward.

Another thing I am learning is that this is a season to plant. As we all know, it rains a lot in the spring. I never actually loved the rain because I always saw it as a nuisance. However, rain is only a nuisance for those who do not have a seed in the ground. This is a season to plant and put to work, the ideas God has placed on the inside of you. This is a season where God will shower His blessings on whatever you put your hands to do.

It is also important to remember that a wilderness experience is often a preparation for a new season. There are numerous lessons to be learned through a wilderness experience and it is important that we do not miss them. I am ecstatic to enter this new season. This season has been filled with various challenges but I never want to miss the new thing God is doing because I am focused on the roadblocks I am experiencing. Once again, thank you so much guys for the support and I am super excited to grow with you guys.